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    1 oz Bar Package - $175

    This package best serves smaller gatherings and intimate events of 40 guests or less.
    This package includes:

    Prohibition Bar Package - $325

    This package best serves gatherings of 65 guests or less.
    This package includes:

    The Paloma Bar Package - $475

    This package best serves gatherings of 80 guests or less. Our bartenders will arrive 30 minutes before your event begins to set up.
    This package includes:

    The Special Day Package - Starting at $700

    This package is for events with greater than 100 guests.
    This package includes:


    Ice Buckets

    6 gallon tin ice buckets - Set of 2


    Classic Wine Glasses

    12 oz clear classic wine glasses

    $1.25 per glass

    Stemless Wine Glasses

    15 oz clear stemless wine glasses

    $1.25 Per glass

    Rocks Glasses

    10 oz clear glasses for whiskey, margaritas, various

    $1.25 per glass

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